BAT yoga using Hammocks

Being a teacher of yoga, one prominent goal of mine is to get my students to invert.  However, I knew many of my students couldn’t safely invert because of  many reasons…weak muscles, tight muscles, and spinal deviations.  The idea took root  in Maineville, with my little studio.  I bought a sling, commonly used in Iyengar yoga.  We only had one sling, so before or after class I would have students hang upside down.  This had it’s limitations, as there was only so much you could do with it.  I began to research what the top yoga studio’s in California and New York were introducing and came across the idea of using this parachute fabric to hang upside down from.  From this idea I’m introducing BAT yoga to Mason.

BAT yoga simply means how Bat’s hang upside down.  Inversion simply reverses the aging force of gravity.  Four major systems in the body are positively influenced:  cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, and endocrine.  What are some of the amazing benefits of inverting?

  • Circulatory system is refreshed (body can clean out and collect carbon dioxide plus waste more efficiently)
  • Inversions ensure healthier and more effective lung tissue.  Inverting brings blood to the well-ventilated upper lobes of the lungs, ensuring more effieient oxygen-to-blood exchange and healthier lung tissue.
  • Lymph system which removes waste material and extra fluids is stimulated, thus strengthening your immune system.
  • Inversion uses gravity to gently align, adjust, and give traction to the spine creating space for the discs while straightening and balancing the spinal column.
  • Inversions boots brain power.  Blood flow is increased nourishing the cells with more oxygen and nutrients required for optimal brain function.
  • Inversion improves digestion and elimination.
  • Inversion elevates the mood and relieves depression, releasing neurotransmitters.  It also balances hormones- combined with therapeutic postural correction it is normal to feel immediately uplifted after inversion.
  • Muscle tension is reported to decrease by 35% while inverting.  You will feel “Tony the Tiger……Grrrrrreat!!”
  • Inversion can lead to a more beautiful appearance.  Good posture, grace, balance and symmetry.  With more blood flow to the brain the facial capillaries and hair follicles receive more oxygen and nutrients, nature’s best beauty treatment.
  • HOWEVER……  Inversions are not for everyone.  If you have certain health restrictions, recent surgery or are unsure if this is the right time for you to start inverting, please call the studio to discuss.  513-204-5657