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We at Anahata Yoga Center located in Mason, Ohio, strive to demonstrate that with steadfast hard work on a consistent yoga practice, unification of the mind, body and spirit will manifest into perfect health. Anahata is a place where you get individual attention and guidance to help you grow and change.  Classes are offered in a variety of styles and at all levels; from beginner to athletes.  Come and let us show you why “We Love Yoga”, and teach from the heart.

Value in You!

So much of my yoga practice has been mental.  Tapping into my inherent gifts that have been given to me.  My life thus far has been admiring and placing my value in others worth, looking at my abilities and talents, and trying to mold myself into their idea of perfection.  This is what society teaches, […]

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Why Practice Yoga?

Well, we thought about that too. We have a 20 awesome reasons to practice yoga.  This will keep you motivated to practice and change your life.  Read More…


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